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We started Bayes Consulting after the realization that the most interesting problems to solve aren't behind laboratory doors or hiding in academic journals. Since we've come together, we've solved problems at every part of the technology stack and in countless disciplines. From predicting happiness to selling concert tickets, we've lost count of the questions we set out to answer.

Along the way, we’ve helped businesses learn their customers, enter new countries, and develop new products. Whether you’re a startup that needs a quick solution or a large business that needs a pricing model, we’ve got the background to serve you. Our list of questions to answer is always growing, we’d love your help to add to the list.


Full Stack

Sometimes our clients need a predictive pricing model. Sometimes they need a full fledged web application. From back end search algorithms to iOS apps, we've solved problems at every part of the technology stack.


We build our solutions with inspiration from the latest papers and most competitive ML labs around the country. We're not here to recycle an old idea, we're here to implement new ones.


We serve clients individually, not in parallel. Our model is to solve problems as fast as possible with dedicated engineers. We deliver solutions in weeks, not months.



Jay Shah

Data Scientist

Jay has a background in both computer science and business and has worked at companies ranging from Microsoft to McKinsey. Jay has previously consulted for startups and specializes in recommendation engines and collaborative filtering. He was featured in Business Insider’s “17 Incredibly Impressive Students at UT Austin” and is on track to graduate this December with 3 majors and an almost perfect GPA. Fun fact - in 2013, Jay biked from Austin, TX to Anchorage, AK to raise $500,000 for cancer awareness.

Matthew Ebeweber

Data Scientist

Matt is the true definition of an engineer and has worked on every part of the technology stack. His research focus is in active learning, machine learning, and NLP and he most recently helped Yelp launch in Chile as part of their Search and Data Mining team. He’s currently finishing his Master’s in Computer Science at UT Austin and is on track to finish with a 4.0. Matt has built several iOS applications, including work on the Make A Stand iOS app. The app is expected to launch in the next few weeks.

  • We’re passionate about hard problems. We are lean. We have no fixed assets. We learn from the most recently published papers and build solutions at every part of the technology stack. We are faster, cheaper, and more effective than any enterprise solution. That is our written guarantee

    - Jay & Matt

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